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Deven Wisner

I want to help you make informed decisions using data. This includes evaluating programs and initiatives — all while using psych-based principles! Think about it. Instead of design a project around what sounds good, or continuing a program because has been the “norm” for so long, how about you let the data do the designing for you? If you aren’t sure how, you’ve come to the right place. I want to help you bring data into your organization.

Have some great data but don’t want it to look like crap? Or maybe you’re tired of choosing the right chart and matching colors. Dataviz is a passion of mine. Why? Because knowing how to tell the story is just as important as knowing a story needs to be told. In other words, you could have a great set of data but failing to visualize it in the right way (for the right people) can be detrimental.

Less interested in a pointed solution and just want useful information about personnel, evaluation, and dataviz? Awesome, check out my blog.

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