Nifty Resources

My time as a professional in a variety of fields, graduate student, and data geek has led me to a number of useful resources. Here are some of them — enjoy!



Excel – Used by many, maximized by few.

Tableau – Beautiful, up-to-date visualizations.

Power BI – Useful if you want to integrate with other Microsoft products.

Color Palettes & Images

Excel Off The Grid – Great blog on how to maximize Excel for your data analysis and visualization needs.

Adobe Color – Awesome for creating a color schemes for organizations!

ColorBrewer – This will save you when it comes to identifying colorblind-friendly options, and you can choose black-and-white printer safe (or photocopier!). You will also have some inspiration for diverging/sequential color palettes. – Great stock images that are free and do not require attribution.


American Evaluation Association – Unique and collaborative organization for evaluators

Arizona Evaluation Network (AZENet) – A great connection for evaluators/applied psychologists in Arizona and surrounding areas.

Better Evaluation – Lots of eval stuff!

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology – Need info on I-O jobs, graduate programs, or professional development? Look no further.

The TOP Lab (Brand A. Brown, Ph.D.) – A fantastic I-O lab at the University of Arizona (my alma mater), which includes a lot of free research, tools, and tips.