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I am a trained applied psychologist. As great as those peeps who sit down and hear out your problems are, that isn’t what I do. Instead, I spent my time developing skills in the areas of organizational and personnel psychology, data visualization, and research evaluation. My current 9-5 role is managing human capital and business analytics for a legal services company, Global Registration Services, Inc, located in Arizona. By night, I am a consultant focused on bringing data and research based decision making into organizations of all different types (seriously, I’ve worked with one person shows, non-profs, and academic orgs). Being the glutton for punishment that I am, my extra time (hobby??) is divided up between I-O and research on evaluation.


15826904_10209851309212929_9183829808981463254_nPersonal and professional. They’re hard for me to separate (if you hadn’t noticed). I am lucky enough to be passionate about my work, and so that is a big part of my life and soaks up a lot of my “free” time. On the truly personal side, I love hiking and exploring cool places with my partner in crime, Missy. My photography skills are usually displayed on Instagram…all using my sophisticated iPhone. As great as all that sounds, Missy and I can also be found eating pizza rolls (nothing but Totino’s will do) and binge watching Frasier (yes, I know, you finally have a hero).

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Telephone: +1 (520) 390-3543 | E-mail: devenwisner@gmail.com