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Strategic solutions powered by data.

Our Core Values

Data Informed

All methods, deliverables, recommendations, and ultimately, decisions should be informed by data.

Collaborative & Interpersonally Effective

We believe that shared project ownership is incredibly important.

Pragmatic [Viable] & Use-Focused

We believe that projects should be designed in such a way to deliver the greatest useful product possible, while also being cognizant of time and budgetary constraints


We believe that every project carries with it both successes and learning opportunities.

How We Help

Applied Research & Evaluation

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Strategic Planning

Organizational Development

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Data Visualization & Reporting

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Data Collection Tools

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Data Analysis

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Data Management

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Data Analysis

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We Bring The Data Lens, You Bring The Context Knowledge.

In every project, we make it clear that although our team brings a diverse background in data capacity building, our client-partners are the context experts. We pride ourselves in creating a space where our clients are the owners of their initiative; in our experience, this is the best way to foster sustainability and buy-in across organizations — regardless of what field or discipline. By leveraging the knowledge of our clients, we are able to approach each project individually and meet the unique needs of each organization. 

We want the teams we work with to be excited about data from beginning to end…and everywhere in between! Equally as important, we strive for our client-partners to achieve a culture the appreciates and fosters data-driven decision making. 

Years Established

Years of combined experience

We’re Committed to Meeting You Where You’re At

Our client-partners often have differing goals related to using data. That’s why we seek to individualize our work to the needs of each organization — realizing their needs are usually technically and culturally different. From a service standpoint, this means we might recommend one service or a combination of services to best meet your needs. Each client-partner can be assured that each of our projects are pragmatic and use focused, meaning we keep your intended goals front-of-mind. So, whether just starting the journey to becoming a driven-driven organization, or seeking to leverage an existing foundation of data appreciation, our team can partner with you to achieve greater impact through the use of data.

Let’s Chat:

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Let’s Collaborate

We love collaborating with our clients to enhance their impact through the use of data.

Does VI respond to RFP invitations?

Yes! Although we prefer to build a relationship with our clients prior to submitting a proposal (consultant-organization fit matters to us), we gladly respond to request for proposal invitations that fall within our areas of focus.

I need a data analyst but have resource barriers. How can VI help?

Good news! You’re not alone. Lots of organizations need assistance with data-related tasks but don’t have the need and/or resources to bring on someone in a full-time capacity. By leveraging our On-Demand Data Analyst service, you can incorporate data into your organization while also being resource conscientious. If you reach a point where you need to hire someone in a full-time capacity, we’ll work with you to build out a job description and can even facilitate the vetting process for you!

Becoming data driven sounds great...but where do I start?

Often we can answer this through a virtual or in-person meeting. However, sometimes our clients are looking for a more involved analysis of where they are and where they want to go. In those cases, we conduct an organizational needs, cultural, and readiness assessment — allowing us to provide you with a roadmap for moving forward with increasing your organization’s capacity and of use of data.

Client Testimonials

Viable Insights has been an incredible resource for United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona’s community impact work in several areas. Deven Wisner and his associates bring a wealth of evaluation, facilitation, data collection, and organizational development skills that have helped United Way staff and partners achieve greater clarity and results. The combined knowledge, experience, creativity, and thoughtfulness of the staff of Viable Insights would be an asset to any organization or team in need of expert advice, strategic or organizational development, or evaluation expertise.

LaVonne Douville

COO, United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona

In the last six months of working with Viable Insights, I have been extremely impressed with their communication and dedication to the End of Life Care Partnership anchored at United Way. Viable Insights possesses impeccable project management skills, communicating with appropriate team members at every stage of contacted projects. They are professional and patient in meetings, listening to all stakeholder needs and providing clear explanations if there is confusion. They are also extremely dedicated to the individuals they are working with, often providing insights to adjacent projects that are related to the work they are doing. It is has been a welcomed relief to work with a consulting group so stress-free.


DATA SCIENTIST, End of Life Care Partnership

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